1. All work must be original composition. No work will be accepted that is copied from or based on copyrighted or published materials, greenware, kits, or any other prepared materials. Artist may be required to validate originality of work.

2. No individual item of work previously shown in this gallery will be accepted for a new show.

3. Photography and prints from original artwork must be signed and numbered as part of a limited edition. Photography and prints must meet accepted archival standards.

4. Readily reproducible works such as computer-generated art, computer-altered or enhanced photographs, and Giclee® prints must be identified and clearly labeled as such before acceptance and during the show. Archival material is required.

5. All two-dimensional work must be ready to hang with multi-stranded picturewire with sufficient strength to support the art. No saw-toothed hangers or clip-on frames will be accepted.

6. All matted artwork must meet professional standards.

7. Artists are responsible for providing and/or ensuring all sculptures, 3D, glass, and freestanding work be displayed in a stable and safe manner.

8. Hanging metalworks, fabric constructions, glass, and other suspended objects must be designed to use gallery wall hooks, similar to method used for paintings.

9. All canvas pieces shall be framed or have finished edges.

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