Welcome to the Gresham Art Committee

 *  The Gresham Art Committee is dedicated to promoting cultural and artistic diversity, as we seek to  showcase artists who represent our local area.  


*   We strive to create a learning environment for the appreciation of art history, craft, imagination, creativity and artistic philosophy.


  The Gresham Art Committee works to nurture emerging and established artists, their works and other arts organizations. ​  


 We hold regular events at the Gresham Visual Arts Gallery to showcase their work. We would love for you to be a part of our community.


  Since the building is closed, we do not currently have art hanging but do hope to change that soon!  Our next show, The OPEN Show, will be up once things open up more. 

*  The image here is a collage of the artist Noelani Lommaso's teacher, member Hoan Tran, whom Noelani feels is an inspiring role model.  This was from our last show, I Am From..., which is still featured on our Current Show page. 

*  Our schedule has changed somewhat due to Covid 1​9, check our Enter Shows or Events page to get the latest details.  Thanks! 

Are you an artist wishing to show your work?  See what’s coming up. 



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